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Quality Professional service innovation
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Iran Panam got the exclusivity for Faster, Italy
view : 281 times | published on Wednesday 2019/10/23
Successful Course in Cryopreservation and Transplantation of Ovarian Tissue
The team from Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL) in Brussels, Belgium recently held a course on cryopreservation and transplantation of human ovarian tissue. The course, which was held on the 27th and 28th June 2019, was led by Christiani Amorim and the team from the university who have worked for many years on researching and developing the techniques required for successful cryopreservation and transplantation of ovarian tissue.
view : 125 times | published on چهارشنبه 1398/5/16
BioFlo 320
Whether your process includes cell culture or fermentation, autoclavable or single-use vessels, the BioFlo 320 seamlessly combines form and function in one state of the art package. A robust industrial design, intelligent sensors, Ethernet connectivity, and enhanced software capabilities are only a few of the features that set it apart from the competition. Combined with a sincere commitment to quality, the BioFlo 320 truly is the premium choice in bench-scale bioprocess control stations.
view : 680 times | published on Wednesday 2019/7/17
DASGIP Parallel Bioreactor Systems
DASGIP Parallel Bioreactor Systems for microbial applications (EPPENDORF company)
view : 731 times | published on Wednesday 2019/7/17
Homogenizer-PandaPLUS 2000
From the world leader in high pressure homogenization: absolute quality and reliability with advanced technical solutions for any process need.
view : 623 times | published on سه شنبه 1398/4/25
Homogenizer-Ariete NS3006
The Ariete series is the state-of-the-art technology for powerful reliable high pressure machines and customized solutions. The Ariete machines, compliant to EU safety rules (CE standards) and built according to EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality System, are the best fit for pharmaceutical, dairy, food & beverage, biotechnology, chemical and cosmetics industries.
view : 357 times | published on سه شنبه 1398/4/25
RI Witness
The only quality tracking offering automatic witnessing 24/7
view : 283 times | published on Monday 2019/7/15
ESHRE 2019
ESHRE 2019 took place in the beautiful city of Vienna. Over the four days of the meeting, which this year also coincided with the recent European heatwave, over 16,000 delegates and industry representatives had the opportunity to attend some outstanding presentations, covering a wide variety of topics related to Human Assisted Reproduction. The commercial exhibition, which ran alongside the conference, gave the attendees the opportunity to update themselves on the latest technology and equipment available to assist them in their patient care.
view : 99 times | published on Monday 2019/7/15
Presenting new Multi-Chamber Incubator CT37stax
The CT37stax high capacity incubator has been designed using the best features of the existing technology and incorporating these with a mix of innovative new features to provide a state of art new multi chamber benchtop incubator fit for the demands of the modern laboratory. The CT37stax’s unique modular design provides the flexibility for purchasers to invest in an incubator configured specifically to meet the demands of each individual laboratory.
view : 147 times | published on Monday 2019/7/15
Discover our Lab solution
The Lab Solution offers the ART clinic the Opportunity to increase productivity, improve clinical Outcome and easily achieve compliance with regulatory requirement
view : 734 times | published on Wednesday 2017/6/7
Iran Panam Company got a new address
Iran Panam Company got a new address
view : 1329 times | published on Wednesday 2016/7/20
Iran Panam presence at 2016 International Exhibition of Iran Health
The presence of Mr Ibrahimi in the Iran panam pavilion as CEO
view : 3795 times | published on Friday 2016/5/20
The 2nd Int.Congress on Reproduction and the 1st Int.Congress on Reproductive Health and Childbearing May18-20 2016
Organizer: University of Medical Sciences, Journal of Embryology and reproductive biology Iran
view : 2451 times | published on Friday 2016/5/20
The 2nd International Congress on Reproductive
AS usual , we have an active presence in The 2nd International Congress on Reproductive Health and Childbearing in Razi conference Hall from 18 till 20 may
view : 2430 times | published on Sunday 2016/5/8

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